Smackdown Results-March 5th,2021 

– Graves sends us to the ring, where Michael Cole is waiting with a mic. He says as we just saw, WrestleMania 37 could be headlined by Edge vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title, or not, if his guest has anything to say about it. Cole introduces Daniel Bryan and out he comes to a pop and a “yes!” chant from the virtual crowd.

Graves hypes Bryan vs. Jey Uso in a Steel Cage for tonight’s main event, with Bryan earning a shot against Reigns at WWE Fastlane if he wins. Bryan will have to acknowledge Reigns as the best wrestler on the planet and The Head of The Table if he loses. Cole asks Bryan about tonight’s main event and the stipulations. Cole mentions how a win for Bryan would throw a wrench in the originally planned Fastlane main event, which was Edge and Bryan vs. Uso and Reigns. Cole asks why Bryan has turned his focus to Reigns and the title, and why he passed on the tag team main event.

Bryan says Cole is making assumptions, the biggest being that anyone ever asked him if he wanted to be in the tag team match. Bryan says no one felt the need to run anything by him because they know he will show up and work his butt off no matter what. Bryan understands why Edge or Reigns didn’t bother asking him. Bryan says he’s making a change. He’s not going to be the old Daniel Bryan anymore. He knows they have this Edge vs. Reigns dream match for WrestleMania and he gets it. Everyone wants to see the Attitude Era vs. ThunderDome dream match, except for him, and he will do anything he can to make sure it doesn’t happen. Bryan excuses Cole and says he will take it from here. Bryan shows us a video package on the big screen.

The video shows how Bryan won the recent Eliminator Chamber match and came close to defeating Reigns in the title match that same night. We also see how Edge hit Reigns with a surprise Spear to end the pay-per-view, confirming that he was picking Reigns as his WrestleMania opponent. We come back to Bryan in the ring by himself now. Bryan says he’s lost a lot in his career, he’s gotten beat up a lot, so you’d think after winning his third Chamber match and fighting as valiantly as he could against Reigns, that it wouldn’t be a big deal but never in his life has he felt like such a failure like he did when he saw Edge point up at the WrestleMania sign that night.

Bryan says a lot of people don’t know this but they say Bryan doesn’t have a lot of ambition. He recalls how WWE did these personality tests a while back and the lady said he has the lowest ambition she had seen, and she wondered how he was so successful. The only answer he had was that he loves doing this and he doesn’t feel like he’s worked a day in the past 20+ years because he loves it so much. Bryan says for the last year he’s taken on being a dad more than a full-time wrestler, so he’s put other talents before himself. So when Edge pointed at the WrestleMania sign and Bryan felt like an absolute failure, it was because he failed himself. Bryan then realized he has a lot more ambition than that personality test could ever show. He knew then that he should be in the WrestleMania main event, not Edge or Roman, but him. He got upset at them being in the main event because he loves this.

Bryan says in the last three weeks he’s wrestled more matches than Edge and Bryan have combined in the last three months. He does this because he loves what he does. Bryan goes on and says he can be the absolute best. He keeps hyping up tonight’s match and earning the Universal Title shot until the music interrupts and out comes Reigns, Uso and Paul Heyman. Reigns stops on the ramp and raises the title in the air as the pyro goes off and the boos continue. We go to commercial as Reigns stares Bryan down from the ramp.

Back from the break and Team Reigns is in the ring facing off with Bryan. More pyro goes off around the ring as Reigns’ music plays. The boos get louder before Reigns takes the mic. Reigns is looking at the same guy but he doesn’t sound like the same guy. Reigns says the way Bryan is talking is confusing, so he knows the fans are confused. Reigns says Bryan is ambitious and driven now. No, Bryan is the underdog, their little guy, the lottery winner. Bryan is the guy who waits on an opportunity and sometimes it works out. Reigns says Bryan is not ambitious, guys like Reigns, and there aren’t many, are ambitious. Reigns says Bryan also doesn’t love wrestling, he needs it because he has nothing else. Reigns goes on and says he does love this business. He doesn’t need it, he does it because everybody needs him, SmackDown needs him, the roster and the crew all need him. The camera man, Heyman, Uso and Bryan all need Reigns.

Fans chant “you suck!” now. Reigns says once Jey whoops Bryan’s ass tonight, he will know he needs Reigns, in his heart, and he will acknowledge Reigns. Uso takes the mic and steps to Bryan, ranting and talking trash about tonight’s cage match. Uso says Bryan’s Road to WrestleMania ends tonight. He shoves the mic in Bryan’s gut. Uso walks away but turns to attack. Bryan counters and sends him out of the ring. Bryan stares Reigns down in the middle of the ring as his music starts back up. Fans chant “yes!” as Bryan watches Reigns makes his exit with Heyman. Uso clutches his arm and backs up the ramp while staring Bryan down.

– We see Jey Uso backstage with Roman Reigns. Reigns says the title is safe until WrestleMania if Jey can win tonight, but if not, Reigns has to defend it at Fastlane and that’s fine, but if Jey loses he not only embarrasses himself, he embarrasses the family. Reigns tells him not to embarrass their family. Uso says he’s got this. He walks off. Graves hypes the Steel Cage match as we go back to commercial.

Steel Cage Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

We go back to the ring and the Steel Cage is around the ring as the familiar music plays in the background. Graves is in the ring talking about how dangerous the cage is. We see a camera man sitting on top of the cage. Graves says this is one of our best camera men who is in position to show us how dangerous the climb is. Graves says our competitors will both leave a little piece of themselves in the cage tonight.

Out first comes Daniel Bryan to a pop. If Bryan wins this match, he gets to challenge WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Fastlane. If he loses, he must acknowledge Reigns as The Head of The Table and the best wrestler on the planet. Bryan leads a “yes!” chant as he enters the cage. Out next comes Jey Uso, who is upset over the backstage attack by Bryan. Uso enters the cage but before they can begin, the music interrupts and out comes the WWE Universal Champion with Paul Heyman. Fans boo as Reigns stands on the ramp to pyro going off. Heyman pulls a chair over to the bottom of the ramp and Reigns takes a seat as fans chant “you suck!” at him. Bryan stares Reigns down and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and the bell hits as they go at it. Bryan with kicks. Uso comes back and launches Bryan into the steel wall. Uso traps Bryan between the ropes and the steel, working him over as Reigns watches from his chair. Reigns gets up and walks over to the cage as Uso presses Bryan’s face into the steel. Fans boo but Uso drops Bryan. Reigns says “more” to his cousin.

Uso drives Bryan into the steel again and calls for the door to be opened. Uso walks through the door but Bryan rushes to stop him. Uso unloads while Bryan is down by his leg. Uso drops Bryan and now climbs the cage to escape. Bryan climbs after him. They trade shots into the steel on the top rope now. Uso drops Bryan’s leg out and he gets crotched on the top rope. Uso with a big uppercut as Reigns and Heyman look on. Uso launches Bryan into the corner. Bryan blocks in another corner and slams Uso into the turnbuckles and the steel. Uso goes down.

Bryan goes to the top and hits a big missile dropkick. Bryan works Uso over and focuses on the arm now. Bryan sends Uso shoulder-first into the steel. Bryan with more focus on the arm now, softening him up for the Yes Lock. Heyman looks concerned now. Bryan avoids an attack and climbs to escape. Uso stops him in the corner and climbs up, turning Bryan upside down in a Tree of Woe. Uso stomps away on the hurt knee while Bryan is upside down in the corner. Uso pulls himself to the top of the cage but struggles due to his hurt arm.

Bryan climbs up and they both trade shots while hanging on to the top of the cage now. Bryan headbutts Uso back to the top rope. Uso gets Bryan on his shoulders and hits a huge Samoan Drop from way up high. Fans pop and Reigns looks on as both Superstars are laid out in the middle of the ring from the super Samoan Drop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re both sitting on the very top of the cage now, trading shots. Bryan brings it back to the top rope as they keep fighting. Bryan with Yes Kicks as they stand on the top rope now. Fans chant along with him. Uso superkicks Bryan to the mat. Uso follows up with a big splash from the top rope but Bryan kicks out at 2 as Reigns and Heyman look on.

Uso slowly crawls for the steel cage door as the referee opens it. Bryan grabs his ankle. Uso gets up and nails Bryan with a kick to the face but it just stuns him. Bryan comes back with a kick of his own. Uso superkicks Bryan down for a 2 count. Uso and Bryan are both down next to each other as Reigns watches. Bryan pulls Uso into a 2 count. Bryan unloads with elbow strikes while they’re on the mat now. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Uso fights him off and delivers big right hands on the mat. Uso catapults Bryan face-first into the cage wall as fans boo. Uso gets to his feet first, looking over at his cousin and Heyman.

Uso climbs the cage wall now. He makes it to the top but here comes Bryan, trying to pull him back over the top rung of the cage. Bryan with headbutts at the top of the cage now. Uso is knocked to standing on the top rope now. Bryan gets his legs over the top of the cage but Uso grabs him and drags him back over to stop him from escaping. Bryan fights on the top rope now, slamming Jey into the steel. Bryan with a big super Butterfly suplex from the top. Bryan goes right into the Yes Lock in the middle of the ring as fans pop.

Uso crawls over and grabs the bottom rope but it doesn’t matter inside the Steel Cage. Uso holds out a few more seconds and then taps out for the finish.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

– After the match, the music hits and Bryan starts celebrating as fans chant “yes!” with him. The announcers confirm Bryan vs. Reigns for Fastlane with the Universal Title on the line. We go to replays. We come back and Bryan is sitting on top of the cage now, leading the “yes!” chant with fans. Reigns is still sitting in his chair at ringside, looking up at Bryan’s celebration. SmackDown goes off the air.

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