Smackdown Results-March 26th,2021 

We are back with a look at what just happened.

We go to the Table’s Room for Roman Reigns’ thoughts on what happened.  Roman tells Paul to get Adam Pearce and he tells Jey to go with Paul and use force if he has to.  Jey asks for clarification and Roman asks, what are they going to do, fire us?

Paul Heyman is talking to Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce shows up in the Roman Room.  Paul does the introductions.  Paul points out that Adam Pearce made a bad decision.

Roman stands up and he says we don’t thank you, you thank us.  Roman says that you get me for one night at Wrestlemania and for just one title defense.  It is that simple.  Now, you can thank us.

Adam says he understands Roman’s point and he is inclined to agree with it but he has other things to consider.  Everyone will get his decision by the end of the night.

We go to commercial.

We go to RomanWorld and Edge enters and Jey gets all huffy.  Roman says it takes balls to come in like this and I almost respect it.   Roman tells Edge if he doesn’t get to his point, he will let the pitbull off his leash. 

Edge says Daniel is trying to steal their spotlight.  If you have the stroke that you say you have, use it.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roman and Adam stand in the ring.  

Edge makes his way to the ring.

The final man to come to the ring is the one who is not officially in the match at Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan.

Adam thanks them for joining him in the ring.  He says he understands everyone’s concerns.   Adam says that the concerns everyone has about the scenarios make sense.  What Daniel Bryan says makes sense.  He is right that there is a double standard and he is right that he deserves another opportunity at the title.  Adam says that Roman will defend that title one time.  

Adam says his decision is that at Wrestlemania, for the Universal Championship, the three of you will compete in a Triple Threat Match.

Bryan attacks Edge and punches him and follows with a drop kick in the corner.  Roman with a Superman punch to Bryan and forearms.  Roman tells Jey to get a chair.  Edge with a spear to Roman and then he avoids a chair shot by Jey and spears Jey.

Edge grabs the chair and hits Roman and Bryan with it.  Edge puts Roman and Bryan’s heads on the chairs in the ring and Edge goes for another chair to do a One Man Conchairto.  Jey tries to get involved but Edge hits Jey many times with the chair.  Roman gets out of the ring and Bryan crawls to the apron.  Edge keeps Bryan in the ring.  Edge with an elbow drop to the lower back.  Edge hits Jamie Noble with the chair as Bryan escapes a conchairto.

Edge sits down in the center of the ring.

We go to credits.

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