Smackdown Results-March 19th,2021 

We see a clip of Edge winning the World Heavyweight Championship 14 years ago on SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan is in the ring. Bryan hyped up tonight’s main event. Bryan says if Jey wins, we know what we will get. He will do everything in his power to make sure that Roman wins at FastLae. And if Roman was the Champion he thought he was, he wouldn’t need that help. But Edge is the ultimate opportunist. He will do anything he can to get what he wants and what he wants is to face Roman Reigns one on one at WrestleMania.

Bryan says he gets it, he understands why and that is because Edge doesn’t want to face him. And Edge thinks that he can beat Roman Reigns but the difference is Edge thinks he can beat Roman while Bryan knows he can beat Roman. He says he will prove it at FastLane. He says he will make Roman tap out.

Out comes Roman Reigns to the ring along with Paul Heyman. Roman laughs and says Bryan will tap him out. Roman calls Bryan DB and says he can deal with Bryan telling these lies about how he is ambitious but if he is going to lie on the Tribal Chief, that he can’t. He says Bryan can’t tap him out. He says Bryan has a better chance of shooting lightning out of his ass than tapping him out. Roman tells him no one in his entire career has ever tapped him out. He would rather lose his arm than to tap out to any man. And he will rather die in that ring than to tap out to somebody like him.

Bryan says that is pretty strong but make no mistake, he is talking about lies he has told. All those things that Roman says about himself, those are all lies. They are all delusions. And the thing is that everyone thinks they are invincible until they are not. And everyone thinks they are untapoutable until they tap out. Bryan says he won’t just make Roman quit, he is going to break him. He is going to break him of his beliefs, of everything he thinks he is.

Daniel says he hopes Roman doesn’t die but if he taps out or doesn’t tap out, he will beat Roman for the Universal Championship at FastLane.

Edge vs. Jey Uso – Winner will be special ringside enforcer for WWE Universal Championship Match at FastLane

Daniel Bryan is on commentary. The bell rings and we are under way. Edge with a take down cover but Jey kicks out. Both men back up and a head lock by Edge but Jey sends him to the ropes and a shoulder block by Edge takes Jey down. Edge goes for a submission but Jey moves out of the way.

A right hand by Edge followed by a knee to the midsection. A knee to the face by Edge takes Jey down. An arm bar by Edge but Jey with an elbow to the body as Edge rolls out of the ring favoring his ribs. Jey follows him to the outside but Jey pushes Edge into the steel steps. Jey gets back in the ring and runs as he lands a suicide dive.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial break, Jey throws Edge ribs first into the top rope and a right hand by Jey knocks Edge off the ring apron and to the outside. Jey throws Edge back into the ring. Jey grabs Edge and throws him ribs first into the ring post. Jey with a kick to the ring slows Edge down. Jey climbs the top rope and jumps but Edge moves out of the way. Both men run to the ropes and collide in the middle of the ring.

Edge with a boot to the face takes Jey down. Edge throws Jey face first into the turnbuckle. Edge with a flying knee to the shoulder off the second rope. He goes for the cover but Jey kicks out. Jey pushes Edge onto the ropes and hits him with a Samoan drop. He goes for the cover but Edge kicks out. Jey climbs the second rope but Edge slows him down. Edge with a hurricanrana off the top rope. Edge goes for the cover but Jey kicks out.

Both men up and Edge with a jumping DDT. Edge prepares for the spear as he runs but Jey hits him with the super kick. Jey climbs the top rope and the frog splash. Jey goes for the cover but Edge kicks out. Jey grabs Edge but Edge slams Jey onto the mat. Jey gets up and Edge hits him with the spear. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Edge

Roman hits Edge with the spear after the match. He tells Bryan to tap him out. Bryan gets up from commentary but Jey attacks him from behind. He throws Bryan into the ring and Roman hits him with the spear.

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